Welcome Inside Business Advantage

Welcome to the next generation of online presence, Inside Business Advantage.

It’s been a long awaited project of mine for quite some time now.  It’s finally here in the beginning stages for anyone that’s interested in building or growing their local business online can follow.  Why so long?  Great question and I’m glad you asked.

I had to put everything on hold! Why?

The last picture my daughter took before her accident

Kristen N. Lee

Mostly because of the cards of life I was dealt, when losing someone so dear to me, my 27 year old daughter Kristen Nichole Lee on 7-2-17.  Her mother and I lost her in a automobile accident, just ll days before 28th birthday. (7-13)

I shouldn’t have to tell you, how painful, lost and withdrawn you become when we lose a family member. Let alone losing your child.  It’s been by far the hardest thing I’ve had to learn to live with EVER. In fact it’s still extremely hard.

Kristen was into writing, drawing and fashion!

Kris was becoming interested in online marketing and wanted to work with me to learn how she could implement all the things I was so looking forward to sharing and teaching her.  She was quite good at everything she put her mind to. I will forever miss her.

I knew I had to try and get back to what I’m good at.

Although I felt I just couldn’t carry on or have anything of value to offer and partly I had to prove it to myself by helping other business owners that I still have it, I can still help others, but …

You be the judge!

With all that out and in the open, its time to get busy.  My team and I will do our best to provide you with the tools, tips and information you need to help you grow your business.

We’ll cover …

SEO strategies … marketing tools like eMail, videos, SMS and Social media marketing tips and techniques, as well as the best platforms to run them from.  In fact, you will have the opportunity to be apart of the most up to date technology and information.

So stay tuned, if you get in a jam or decide you do not want to do things yourself any longer, or needs some help …

Inside Business Advantage will be here to help.




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