Video Personalization and the Video Marketing Possibilities

Could Video Personalization Be The New Wave of  Video and Video Marketing Forever?

Video Personalization? What Is It? …

I know what you’re thinking, because I felt the same way! Oh me, not another fancy technology that I have to figure out or shell out more money to get the next latest and greatest video marketing software.

Am I right ???

You did see the video personalization inside the above video right? If not, hit the replay …

Then imagine the Possibilities you can use video personalization in your businesses video marketing strategies.  You’re customer’s and prospective clients will be amazed, not to mention thrilled that your video has their information inside it.

Face it!

We all like hearing our names when someone is talking to us, at a restaurant or favorite hang out as well as in our email and mobile devices.  Why?

Because it personalizes our experience of whatever we’re doing! Right?

Kind of makes us feel all warm, fuzzy and maybe a little more important. Who knows exactly why? We just like it … lol  So what better way to reach your customers with that little something extra, like;

  • Like a restaurant owner may send or share a personalized video message to their list of customers, on facebook or email with your best selling appetizers, special dish or drink  – For example come on in “their customers name” and come on it to get 50% off your favorite cocktail and appetizer with any entree.  BTW – you can actually do that, by showing their name as well as their name or other info inside the images of your menu.  You can see a little sample by clicking here.  (new window will open)
  • How about a real estate agent or broker sharing a video personalized with a prospective buyer that gave them a tour of inside the property they were interested in, with their buyers name, geo location or image right inside your video.  Do you think that would give them more thoughts about you being their listing agent?  It can work just as well for sellers to. Click here for a small example – (new window will open)

Are You Starting To See the Power of Video Personalization Now?

This is without doubt a truly remarkable and exiting technology. You’re probably curious as to how you can take advantage of this for your business. Well my competitors tell me I’m crazy for giving out information on where you can get this video personalization software.

My plan is to offer my visitors and potential clients a “Do It Yourself” solution to every service we offer eventually and this will be no exception.  Just click here if you are into building your own videos and want to personalize them.

Or … if you don’t feel like learning the many the tricks of the trade …

You can always retain Inside Business Advantage to take care of all of your video marketing needs by simply scheduling a FREE, No Obligation Consultation. Simply enter your details along with your business’s needs in the comment section. Just Click Here for that option.

Why would we practically give away our best tools?  Well to be honest, it’s a sign of goodwill and we hope you will share it with other business people in your circle. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to retain our services one day when you need help. If not that’s ok to.  Check out the video personalization below and think about all the possibilities.

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