“How To Use Email Marketing To Engage With Your Subscribers, Build Trust Even If You’re Unknown, So They Will Buy From You!”

Lets face it,  building a relationship with your email subscribers and following up with your  customers and potential clients can be very tricky. Things like determining the best times to send your emails, what to write in your messages and how to express it to get the best and most engaging results.

While results may vary on delivery times, dates and sequences with your email follow up or automation, you definitely do not want to bombard your subscribers with the same old boring ass messages day after day, or sending them nothing but offers, that’s lame. 

Yes I’m guilty of sending the same repeated emails to, because it’s what many of us were taught to do. Yes it worked in the good old days of email, but that was many years ago. If you remember back then we were taught to send at least 7 emails, to make sure our prospects would become familiar with us and what we were offering them in the first place.

Even today, it still may take seven or more emails to get your subscriber to take the action you wanted to begin with.  However, if you’re not creative, make changes to your email sequence, you’re subscribers will leave your email list faster than ever.

The Most Effective Email Marketing Method For Getting The Best, Most Engaging Results From Your Customers and subscribers Is Providing Real Value!

Despite what you may hear or see about email marketing, it’s not dead, in fact far from it! You may find it more difficult to get subscribers and keep them, but believe me, email marketing is still the most profitable and cost effective marketing available. eMail marketing is making business owners and marketers very wealthy when done correctly.

Think about it, there’s a reason someone decided to subscribe to your email list, Why? 

Evidently you had something valuable enough in the eyes of your visitor for them to give you their personal information. The question now days is, do you have the email marketing skills to get them, keep them, engage with them, build trust with them and have them buy from you?   

The answer is no if you’re still doing email marketing the old way. (Cherish your subscriber and don’t take them for granite.)  Which brings me to a special email marketing formula that works like gangbusters.

It’s the top secret email marketing formula called the, “RIA Formula!”

When done correctly, not only will your subscribers like and trust you, they will bust down your doors to get their hands on what your offering.  Yes I’m dead serious, the RIA email marketing formula is just that damn good.

In fact, if you use the RIA email marketing formula correctly, you can write your own ticket!  You can get even more subscribers and turn them into customers.  It never stops, as long as you’re providing real value.

So What Is The RIA Email Marketing Formula?

R.I.A. stands for Results In Advance!




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