How Restaurant Owners Can Get Customers On Demand

Hey … What if …

It were possible… Hypothetically Speaking that is …

If you could literally type in a few things, click a button and have customers pouring into your restaurant, filling up those empty tables and bar stools, practically at a moments notice, when you need it …  Especially During Your Slack Times!

Just imagine if it was possible!

Do you think that a magical push button system like that would have an impact on your bottom line as a restaurant owner?

Hey … My name is Mylisa Lee, a restaurant marketing consultant, from Inside Business Advantage and I have a confession to make.

You see …

Over the past few months I have been undercover in Restaurants Just Like Yours! 

YEP … That’s right, the old man, I mean my Dad,  owner of Inside Business Advantage, sent me out on a special assignment.

We wanted to see if we could provide proven, and valuable ideas to help local restaurant owners get more Exposure, Visibility, More New Customers, but most importantly, improve your bottom line.

Even though I’ve been involved with the restaurant industry for over 10 years,  I was excited as heck!

And …

Between you and I, it was kind of like being on a secret undercover mission!

But more importantly, it was for a great cause, to help restaurant owners like you improve your restaurant business.  

So … After discussing with him of all the problems I’ve seen first hand, we decided to see how we could help a select few restaurant owners interested in improving their business in our local area, basically all of Eastern, North Carolina.  

What I discovered is down right shocking!

But FIRST, We’re not calling out any particular restaurant, so please don’t get upset. These are just a few of the problems we discovered through out a long lists of restaurants.  Your restaurant may or may not of been included. However these problems are wide spread and we just want to help you improve your over-all restaurant business.

Here’s just a few of the problems I filed in my report. 

  • Most of the restaurant business owners didn’t have a full understanding of what their customer acquisition was, what their LTV (Life Time Value of customers) was, or how to use that information to practically get their advertising free.
  • The wait staff – Inexperienced, unmotivated and poorly trained in many cases, didn’t know or understand up-sell.                                                                Learn how to get your wait staff trained from moving like a slow ass sloth to a highly skilled cheetah, bringing in those extra sales.
  • No Alcohol accountability or inventory tracking –  It’s probably your highest profit margin, shouldn’t you keep up with it?
  • No rewards, coupons, events or incentives to keep customers coming back in, or coming in at all.
  • No reviews or testimonials! When your customer’s are looking for place to eat and you’re lucky enough to be where they’re looking, guess what? They’re looking to see what others have to say.
  • No way to capture, collect or engage with your customers inside your restaurant or online.  Less than 5% of your website visitors will take action from your website.  You should be collecting your customers Name, Phone number and/or eMail address at all cost.  Your customer base, “is your best asset, should you ever want to sell or move into related markets.”
  • No way to make reservations or order online! Seriously!!!

The Truth Is, “You’re Leaving A Huge Profit Margin On The Table!”

That’s why we’ve put together a few effective restaurant marketing tips just for you. They are completely free and without obligation.  These proven marketing techniques are being implemented by multi-million dollar companies, so to ask if they work is a huge understatement.

Here’s just a few of our case studies using our  marketing tools, tips and strategies. To be honest … (They work with many businesses)

  • The Salty Hawg Saloon is using it, and it’s increased their click-through-to-purchase rate by 347%.
  • Florida Business Brokers are using it, and they’ve seen a 457% increase in booking revenue in a their year.
  • Martini’s use it, and now more than 90% of people who watch their video continue watching it all the way to the end increasing their ROI 

You definitely don’t want to miss this!


Because … If You Remember the Hypothetically Speaking Magic Push Button System when you first starting reading? It is mostly far fetched, as far as we know it doesn’t exist, although the technology is already here to automate a great deal of your business, it’s not perfect and it’s complicated as hell in many cases.

But we’ll cover more of that upon your free consultation with IBA. 

Meanwhile …

Below are a few restaurant marketing tips you can use right away to start improving your revenue and customer base.  You are building your customer base right?

Tip One: There are 27 fundamental elements to online business websites. While we won’t cover those now, here’s a few things you can do now to improve your web businesses online presence.

  • Make sure your restaurant is listed on Google My Business which includes directions to your restaurant. Google has made some excellent updates and that’s good for you, because it puts you in front of the 82% of consumers, (your potential customers) that perform a search of businesses, products, services and reviews, before they make a purchasing decision.
  • Ensure you make every effort of to collect Names. eMails and Phone Numbers in your restaurant as well as on your website.  Your client base can be worth more than your business  itself in many cases.
  • Make sure your customers can EASILY find you, as well as contact you via telephone and eMail, especially when they are searching for a place to eat.
  • Offer coupons, discounts, freebies and other incentives to keep them coming back regularly, so you can increase your customer LTV and HELP REDUCE your advertising costs. .
  • Connect with other business owners and offer specials for holding their meetings and get togethers with you, we hardly ever see this easy strategy being used and implemented. 
  • Be sure that you are connecting with all the social networks that your customers usually hang out. Post offers, discounts and etc to keep them engaged and build relationships with.  Social sites like Facebook and Instagram are great for running your ads to bring in new customers if you know how to do that.  If not hire someone to teach you, or do it for you.
  • Implement SMS messaging, eMail, and social posting on social media such as Facebook to drive more customers in your business so you can continue to increase your revenue.  
  • Hold events regularly that fit the interest of you customers. Karaoke, DJs, Contests an etc to keep your clients engaged.
  • Use Video Marketing to get testimonials, referrals, reviews and to share those special moments.
  • Ensure your website is appealing, loads quickly, is mobile friendly and contains the elements mentioned above.

We’ve also put together some pretty awesome website ideas below for you to review and see just a small portion of what is possible.  They each open in a new window so you will not lose your place here.

You can click here to see them.

If you would like some help implementing any of the above tips, feel free to get in touch with us at 252.365-5005.  We will review your business, provide you with our proven marketing suggestions and work out a budget you can live with.

Our services are guaranteed!  If we can’t do what we say we can, you don’t pay, it’s as simple as that.  We’ll even help you build your marketing campaign so the new business we help you generate will actually pay for our services.

Remember, we’re here to help you!  We provide proven results at a fair and reasonable rate that actually pays for itself.  We want you as one of our life-long clients, so we’re going to do our best to Make and Keep You Happy. Contact us today and lets get going. 252.365.5005

Talk soon,

Elwood & Mylisa Lee


PS.  Below are personalized videos that produce impressive results.  This is just one of the very powerful strategies we can put to work for you. We would love to discuss the closest thing to a magic button you will find ANYWHERE, to get more customers! The tips above, will help your business, but there’s a better, faster and easier ways to Boost Your Revenue. Hope to talk with you soon. 

Here’s an Example Restaurant Video Personalized To Your Customer!

Sara’s Big Apple

On The Square