Coupon Demo Test

I know what you’re probably already thinking …

How in the heck can coupons increase my profits, build a customer base and generate new customers without costing me an arm or leg in advertising and printing costs? 

The truth is, SIMPLE! 

You just need a simple strategy in place that will actually pay you to give away incentives such as coupons, free gifts and so on.  Read closely, because we’d like to show you how to take advantage of this remarkable marketing tactic, without needing …

  • a Prospect or Buyers List – (although that could help speed up this process, but not necessary)
  • a fancy Website – (however,  that could expand what you’re about to learn here)
  • a Big Advertising Budget – ( Because you’re going to use your own customer sales )

In fact, You Probably Have Almost Everything You Need To Get Started!

Did you know?

  • More than six in ten U.S. smartphone users said they subscribe to mobile messages for deals and 55% said they do so for loyalty reward points (Vibes)
  • 61% of consumers subscribe to mobile messaging because of incentives or coupons, combined with 55% who subscribe because of loyalty rewards points (Vibes)
  • 38% of companies said they currently give customers personalized offers or promotions via their mobile app and 48% engage with customers via email during the pre-purchase phase (LoyaltyOne)
  • There’s so many more positive stats we won’t bother you with anymore.

But don’t take our word …

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