Are You Utilizing Multi-Channel Marketing In Your Business

Are you reaching your potential customers where they hang out by utilizing multi-channel marketing?

If you like most of us business owners, the answer is NO and here’s why!

Time … 

… it’s the one thing each of our prospective businesses suffer from.  There’s just not enough hours in the day.  

Many of us do not have the technical knowledge to implement all the different venues and technology we have today, to capitalize of the power of multi-channel marketing and putting our business in front of the perfect client, where they hang out. 

Let alone be where they are when their ready to make a purchasing decision!

Unfortunately, that’s why so many business owners struggle and/or fail.  Because our competitors are either tech savvy or have the budget to hire companies that can implement the multi-channel marketing strategies for them. 

That’s why you need a plan, a strategy, even if you must go back to the drawing board!

But WAIT …

No one wants to start over …

… and not one business I know of wants to fail either.

Hell most business owners don’t even know or understand what multi-channel marketing is!

If that’s you, here it is in a nutshell. Multi-channel marketing consists of …

 … eMail marketing …

… sms marketing …

… video marketing …

… social media marketing …

and that’s Just to name a few channels!

In other words, you have to be connecting, communicating  and building relationships with potential prospects and clients all the time and in all the places they hang out at.  

Just sending an email isn’t as effective as it once was.  Making a post of facebook now and again, doesn’t work as it once did. Having a youtube, twitter or instagram following is great, but it’s not as dependable as it use to be.  While they all still work and definitely better than doing nothing ….

You need to be doing it all!

You need to be everywhere your customers!

You Need To Be Everywhere NOW!

Everything you do from today and here on out needs to have a purpose.

If you send out an email, what is it’s purpose?  

Is your email to provide your customer with value?  For example, is your email to explain how your product or service can help them solve a problem?  Or Make an offer, maybe send them to a video on youtube you made, or a blog or social media post?  

What ever it is, your message, however you send or share, it should have a purpose!

Your new strategy should be to reach out, connect and build your relationship, whatever the platform.  This is what multi-channel marketing is all about and with this in mind, you should be able to come up with an effective means of tying it all together.  

If you find yourself in need of some help coming with a multi-channel marketing strategy that gets results, feel free to schedule a time with IBA at your convenience and lets see if we can come up with a strategy that’s right for you and your business.

You don’t have to incorporate everything a once, but you do need to start at least one stage of it at a time and the sooner the better.  Want to see an example of how Inside Business utilizes multi channel marketing in our business?  Join the IBA Insider below.

Let us know in the comments below what you’re doing in your business to reach your customers.






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