About Us

We love helping local business owners  grow their business.  

In fact, we eat, sleep and dream, over many digital marketing strategies we can help your Local Business grow and expand your business with …

… Proven-to-Convert Campaigns,  SEO Optimized Websites and Effective Marketing Strategies. 

IBA wants to insure your Traffic, (your visitors), that’s coming to your new Website or local business is converting and doing what it’s supposed to be doing –

Generating more customers and providing as much Income as possible for you.

Hello, my name is Elwood Lee, owner of IBA and I want YOU to know that Your business is extremely important to all of us here at Inside Business Advantage.  Why you ask?

Because, our interest is building Long Term Relationships with all of our clients and helping your local business. IBA’s goal is to work with you for years hopefully, so we can help and watch you and your business grow together. So You can always get in touch with us when you need to.

Our promise to you, is that you’ll be 100% satisfied with IBA’s Customer Service, as well as our proven and effective marketing strategies catered to your business and your budget.  

IBA is driven by its mission, to help every one of our clients get more Customers, help you engage with your customers, help you build trust with your customers, so they will want to buy your products or services, instead of your competitors, over and over again.

We strive to bring in new customers for our clients by implementing successful strategies that tap into the Power of the Web along with the latest technology, such as;

  • Proximity Marketing – grabs your potential customers attention transiting your business area, like Malls, Plazas, Shopping Centers, Events and etc.
  • Multi-Channel Marketing – collects, connects and reaches your customers where they hang out, whether it be email, social media, SMS, Video, SEO or conducting local searches, your business is in front of them.
  • Automation – So you can capture potential customers information, build relationships, qualify and close more deals, get more appointments or schedule reservations.

We don’t use gimmicks, shady black hat strategies, or believe in push button hype!

We simply work hard to provide you with real, proven results with the most up to date and effective marketing strategies and technologies, so you can reap the rewards.

We will help your business grow to new heights, so you can get all the qualified online exposure your business needs. We put your business in front of qualified and highly targeted potential customers.

We provide our clients with high-quality campaigns, strategies and proven conversion techniques so you can generate more leads and maximize your profits.

Our experience, coupled with our passion, has afforded us the opportunity to maintain long-term relationships with our clients, with continued success. We can’t wait to share our knowledge with you and your company so you can enjoy the progress, success and profits.

Partnering with Inside Business Advantage, will help your business succeed and help you grow towards being THE industry leader in your field and local market.

That’s the goal we strive to achieve for with each and every client, (YOU!). We can help you grow your Online Business, and at the same time, keep your fees affordable.  We realize every business owners needs and budgets are different. 

Listen, We know that you can choose any company, but before you make a decision on which company, contact us first, lets discuss the options that would best fit your business and your budget. 

Contact us now at (252) 365-5005, or feel free to book and appointment that’s convenient for you on the IBA contact form below.



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