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... All Without a Website ... Without a List ... Without a Advertising Budget!

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   Attention Salon Owner's, introducing the ...

Customer OnDemand Marketing System

Imagine ... Getting Customers Anytime You Need To Drive in  More Revenue, Even During Slow or Off-Times!

(No website, mailing list, or big ad budget needed.)

Hands FREE List Building

Simply place our Advertisement at Your Cash Registers or point of Sales Offering a Discount at Check Out to Your Customer.

The COD System does the rest, by collecting customer info, deliver discount to customer and building your customer base to engage customers and make future offers to them.

Customer Satisfaction

By rewarding your customer when they least expected it at Check-Out, You've Made Them Happy. 

You've saved them money, you showed you cared and now your customer will get to know, like and trust your business over other similar businesses and Buy from you more often.

Grow Your Business

With the COD system you now have everything you need to expand your business.  

You can use your customer list, to like you on social networks, do check-ins, have customers leave reviews, invite friends, help you grow your social standings and networks and make appointments or take orders online.  Your imagination is the only limit. 

Here's How Your COD System Works

From YOUR Customer's Side. 


Getting started with the Customer OnDemand Makreting System is Quick & EASY.  

Simply place the advertisement that IBA created for you, at your cash registers, booths, counter tops, table tops, social meida, or other point of sales and the COD system takes care of it from there.

Your advertisement will incude your own personalized mobile marketing phone number that IBA will assign you, including the the Keyword your customers will enter to trigger their automated system to get their discount.

Once your assigned marketing number is triggered, your customer will receive your discount code instantly to present to cashier for their Savings. 

Your customer's info will automatically be added to your growing customer list inside the system, so you can send other offers, engage with them, ask them to invite friends, follow you on social media, Check-in on FB while at your business.  Your Options are only limited to your imagination.

 Start Your Free 7 Day Trial Now

Here's How Your COD System Works

From YOUR  Side of the system. 

When your customer texted your keyword triggers to your assigned marketing number, the client automatically received your discount, Remember?

When your number was triggered, it automatially collected your customer's phone number, then storing it into a database we created for you....

... and depending how you want your system set up, you could also get their name, email & etc. (not available in free trial)

But Wait ...

Here's Where it Gets Really Good!

When we create your account, assign your numbers, keyword triggers and etc... it doesn't stop there, because we also create a list for your business,  2-3 prewritten automated text broadcast to keep your new customer engaged, or more other options.

As an example, a text thanking them for their business again, or asking them to like your FB page, or leave a review and much, much more. 

Your options can expand with your imagination! Honestly, it's amazing as to the number of strategies you could come up with and implement. 

Whenever you're having a slow or off day, simply have us send your offer, discount and etc on your behalf to your customers and Presto, your customers are notified and to act according to your offer. Or ...

Once you become a paid member, you will have admin access and can send your own, or have IBA handle it for you.  Just notify us 48 hours in advance.  

The COD System Is Quick & Easy!

To Be Completely Transparent and ...

To get started with your 7 Day Free Trialclick here or on the buttom below.   There is a one time $67 non-refundable set-up and processing fee.  (Sorry we've been burned way to many times with free trials when we actually have out of pocket expensies..)  We have cost in purchasing your mobile marketing number, plus creating your advertisement and setting up your COD System.  (You can cancel anytime and receive your leads in csv file.)  So whether you stay or go during before or after your trial you still have a valuable asset, your customer list.

Here's What Happens You You're Ready To Start.

When you click on the link, you will be taken to the COD System checkout page.  There you will make your $67 set up fee payment, agree to IBA's terms, (There really aren't any terms,) your free trail, (8 Days)  will begin and you will be billed $147.50 every month as long as you remain a member.

Once IBA has received your setup payment fee.  We will eMail your ready to go advertisement, with your mobile marketing number and keyword trigging, including 3 prewritten messages. 

1 ... to send your discount code/message.

2 ...  A pre-written message thanking your customer for thier business requesting they check-in on Your Facebook page if you have one and or like them.

3 ... a Pre-written message to go to your FB page, like it and/or invite friends to your page.

So for less than $37 per week, or $1.25 per day,  you have a customer generating sales machine.

The COD System Is Simple & Hands Free

Generating new customers couldn't be easier. The COD system is a true set and forget it system.  Simply place your Ready To Go advertisement at your cash register, point of sale, website, social post.  When your customers text your number with your keyword trigger, they will almost instantaly get your automted response with your code/discount info.

Happy Customer, Happy Business Owner!

As your list grows, the more customers you can get to come in and see you. Plus you can make other related offers for additional income revenue streams that you never knew existed. (We'll talk about all the additional options you have later)

Be proactive and engage with your customers more often, more affordably and defintely more effectively. 

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